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Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. supplies a wide range of wire rope pulley blocks in various sizes and styles from some of the best names in the industry, McKissick, Johnson, Miller, Skookum, RopeBlock and Sealink, just to name a few. Our inside sales personnel can help you find the wire rope block you need, when you need it! We have a variety of in-stock pulley blocks for sale. Call or email us today with your specifications and we will find what you need!

!Wide capacity range available!
Standard capacities to 300T
Design factor 4:1
Larger capacities available
Sheaves from 8 to 36

!Hooks- high quality forged alloy steel!
Per DIN 15401 or DIN 15402
Other hook standards available
Heavy duty thrust bearing
Dual motion- swing plus 360? rotation
Safety latch on all hooks
Double and other hooks available

!Heavy welded steel plate construction!
Provides rigidity and strength for longer life
Designed for shortest possible overall length
Enclosed sheave guard for easier threading eliminates possibility of rope jumping sheave
Some models provide additional overhaul weight with detachable steel cheek plates
Extended or standard side plates- on 24 sheave models

!Bearings and sheaves!
For sheave sizes 20 and below, hardened and ground sheave pin with roller bearings
For sheaves 24 and higher, tapered roller bearings with lip seals on alloy steel sheave pin
Bronze bushings optional
Individual sheave lubrication for assured grease penetration
Heavy duty cast steel sheaves standard, roll formed/welded sheaves available
Bronze spacers between sheaves eliminate galling

!Options available!
Double hooks Higher load capacities
Fittings other than hook
Hook rotation locking device
Third party certifications
Cast hooks (quad)

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