Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope rigging equipment slings are a basic material handling tool and are the most frequently used type of sling in the industry today. They offer a strong, dependable and economical option for most lifting applications. Their popularity is enhanced by the numerous wire lifting sling configurations available to support a broad range of applications. These configurations include single and multi-part slings (such as round braids, flat braids, Tri-Flex and cable laid slings), grommets, single leg slings, multiple leg bridles, and a wide variety of fittings and attachments. Products carried: single leg wire rope bridles, two-leg wire rope bridles, three leg wire rope bridles, four-leg wire rope bridles, eye and eye wire lifting sling, sling tags, sliding choker hooks, thim and thim wire rope sling

Brands carried: Bairstow Lifting Products
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