RFID Initiative


Beginning on February 1, 2010, Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. will launch our RFID initiative. This program will align Bairstow with other industry leading companies currently incorporating RFID tracking capabilities in the products they manufacture. We have partnered with UPM/Raflatec and Marlen RFID to produce these durable, yet cost effective, RFID tags in two (2) basic formats which will allow Bairstow to implement this program with little cost increase, seamlessly integrate this system into our current production schemes, and offer a tagging option to customers wishing to upgrade existing inventories or programs with a ready to deploy, cost effective, tagging option.

This initiative will give Bairstow the ability to add the benefits of RFID technology on all of our fabricated materials with negligible impact on our current competitive pricing, all while supplying our customers with a superior rigging or fall protection product with built in technology to assist with the mandatory inspections required for the items we produce.

What is RFID/ How does it work?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is available in various frequency levels, however, Bairstow has opted to use high frequency (HF) RFID in order to blend seamlessly with the offerings currently in use in our industry, whether those are manufacturer product enhancements or add on options offered by other RFID tag manufacturers. When used in conjunction with any number of the generic RFID hand held readers and software available on the market, our RFID chips will register a unique, multiple digit code which can be used to organize and itemize, in an electronic format, any number of products for inspection purposes, thus relieving our customers of the hassle and drudgery of outdated and difficult to track paperwork. Bairstow has access to a variety of these readers and several versions of software to assist in establishing an inspection program.

What will RFID do for our customers?

Bairstow is implementing this initiative based on leading trends in our industry and the feedback from many of our customers. The rigging and fall protection inspection process can be exceptionally tedious, time consuming and costly. By integrating RFID into those products which require inspection during the fabrication process, we are giving our customers a tool to assist them in either establishing a comprehensive inspection program, or, for those customers currently utilizing RFID inspection methods, a superior product which is ready for integration into an existing operation.

Additionally, and as mentioned previously, Bairstow has designed two (2) unique tagging methods allowing for an easy, on site application of our RFID tags to existing inventories. So, whether you are looking for a rigging fabricator offering superior RFID enabled products or a cost effective tagging option, for either ground up implementation or integration into an existing program, Bairstow Lifting Products has the RFID tagging solution you need. Call or email today for additional information.