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LUG-ALL CABLE WINCH/HOIST AND ACCESSORIES The new Lug-All cable winch-hoist costs less, weighs less (only 34 lbs.) and is easier to operate than a chain hoist of the same capacity. It stores 15 ft. of cable right on its drum and provides 50% more reach than the average chain hoist. The new hoist has a unique reversible handle that telescopes from 37-1/2" to 57" to provide extra leverage when needed. Permits pulling from a standing position. Available in marine grade. 100% American made. 1/2 ton to 3 ton capacities. Lightweight and portable. In 1949, LUG-ALL pioneered a new concept . . . a portable cable ratchet winch-hoist with strong aluminum frame, self-storing aircraft cable, a reversible safety handle, and an interlocking pawl system. The LUG-ALL has been imitated. It has never been surpassed. When you want a winch-hoist, specify LUG-ALL. There's a big difference. FEATURES: Operates smoothly right side up or upside down in most positions. Forged-steel s

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