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CROSBY OPEN WEDGE SOCKETS Open Wedge Sockets combine positive attachment with optimum versatility. Easy-to-change Crosby Wedge Sockets are a high strength, cast alloy steel. Each socket accepts at least two different ductile iron wedges. This allows the socket to be used with more than one rope size. Together, wedge and body act as a vise which grips the wire rope and locks it into place. The headed attachment pin is standard and has a charpy value of 25 lbs/ft at -4 F. The socket body has a charpy value of 25lbs/ft at -40F Crosby Wedge Sockets may be used with multiple sizes of wire rope. To switch from an overhaul ball application calling for a 7/8-inch wire rope to a block application calling for a 1-inch rope, it is not necessary to buy a complete wedge socket. A simple change-out of wedges will suffice. Of the 18 models of wedge sockets offered by Crosby, all but one, the FS-26, can be adapted to at least two sizes of wire rope. The WS-5, in fact, will adapt to three: 1/2, 9/16, and 5/8 inches. Be sure that the wedge is correct for the wire rope size.

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