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POLYESTER ROUND SLINGS - NOW WITH RFID This polyester endless loop lifting sling is constructed of 100% polyester load bearing internal yarns. The load bearing yarns are protected by a SEAMLESS polyester cover. Due to the tubular design of the protective cover, the polyester endless loop lifting sling is made without seams, thus, there is no weakening in the strength of the covering materials and no edges to contend with. Each poly round sling has a durable tag permanently attached. This tag contains load capacities and all information currently required by the various regulatory agencies. CAUTION Slings are subject to cutting by load edges, corners, protrusions and abrasive surfaces. Edges in contact with the sling must be padded with material of sufficient thickness to prevent damage to the sling. The sleeve is sewn around the cover of the round sling so that it can be positioned to the area where it is needed (see page 8 for additional information on sleeves.) Order this purple poly round sling for your application today.

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