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CROSBY S-505 FLEMISH EYE SWAGE SLEEVE For Flemish eye wire rope splicing. Designed for low temperature toughness. Resists cracking when swaged (equals or exceeds stainless steel sleeves). Special processed low carbon steel. COLD TUFF for better swageability. Can be stamped for identification after swaging without concern for fractures when following these directions. Use round corner stamps to a maximum depth of 0.015 in. (1/64). The area for stamping should be on the side of the sleeve in the plane of the sling eye, and no less than 0.250 in. (1/4) from either end of the sleeve. ** NOTE: S-505 Standard Sleeves are recommended for use with 6 x 19 or 6 x 37, IPS or XIP (EIP), XXIP (EEIP), RRL, FC or IWRC wire rope.

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