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8 X 25 ROPE In a multi-part wire rope system where the blocks have a tendency to twist, or for a single part hoist line which does not require the degree of rotation resistant properties found in a 19 x 7 rope, the 8 x 25 Resistwist rope has found successful application. The rotation resistant characteristic is achieved by laying the eight outer strands around an independent wire rope core so these strands are in the opposite direction to the lay of the core. Thus, when the rope is in tension, opposing rotational forces are created between core and outer strands. In addition to 8 x 25 Resistwist ropes being more stable than 19 x 7 ropes, several other advantages exist. The 8 x 25 Resistwist has increased resistance to bending fatigue and crushing on drums and sheaves. This is achieved through the use of 8-strand construction with an independent wire rope core. As with any application where the type of rope on an installation is changed, an 8 x 25 Resistwist rope should be substituted only after carefully comparing specifications and strength requirements.

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