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Bairstow Lifting Products Co., located in Atlanta, GA, is proud to announce the arrival of one of the largest proof testing beds east of the Mississippi. The tester can pull up to 650,000 lbs. and is certified to meet both ASTM E-4 and OHSA requirements. It is equipped with the latest electronics for accuracy and documentation, including X-Y plot graph. The physical dimensions of a 10' stroke, a 6" pin diameter, a 12" Testing Height and a 48" inside bed width give us the capability of testing almost any sling, pendant booms or other rigging products. If you are in heavy construction, utility plant maintenance, a crane operator, research and testing, or any other industry which utilizes slings or wire rope, make sure your equipment is certified and tested in order to maintain the safest working conditions.

Bairstow Lifting Products Co. has been in business since 1960 and this is just one of the many advancements we have made in an effort to maintain the latest technology and the best equipment. Our sales staff has over 100 years combined experience in the rigging industry and is on hand for technical assistance. Over the past 40 years, Bairstow has built a reputation based on quality products and customer service.

Test Certificates

A Test Certificate can be supplied for all slings, spreader beams and specially fabricated products.

This Certificate attests to a physical proof test being performed in our calibrated testing equipment.

We also supply a test certificate for all loading and proof tests on customer's apparatus sent to us for repair and certification.

There is No Substitute for Physical Proof Testing!