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Bairstow Quality Continuum

Our mission: To provide quality, custom, rigging supplies and fall protection solutions, with unparalleled service, while establishing trusting, long term relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers..

At Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc., our mission has always been clear - to provide quality, custom, rigging supplies and fall protection solutions, with unparalleled service, while establishing trusting long term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers. As such, Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. has operated under defined quality systems meeting various industry/regulatory standards and levels of performance since its inception in 1960. Due to our constant desire to meet or exceed the ever increasing requirements our customers may request AND the changing standards by which we adhere in the manufacture and supply of the safest, most reliable products available, Bairstow and our quality consulting firm, D.R. Witzel and Associates, worked tirelessly to re-structure and develop our Quality Management System (QMS) and ensure it?s implementation throughout the organization.

The Bairstow QMS encompasses all of the activities, operations, processes, and units within the organizational system of the company and is designed to assure each of the following:

  • The needs of our sophisticated customers and complex business environment are identified and met according to their general and unique requirements and specifications and Bairstow capabilities in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.
  • The quality of Bairstow products and services is continually examined and improved, based on data gathered from internal and external resources, including feedback from internal and external customers, data produced by the our business and operational processes, and other performance indicators.
  • Improvements in products and services are documented, evaluated, planned, implemented, monitored, and measured based on careful analysis of data according to quality management standards.
  • Business and operational processes employed by Bairstow are continually evaluated for their capability to meet the needs of internal and external customers and relevant requirements and standards.
  • Monitoring and measurement of processes is an ongoing practice, focused on the elimination and prevention of any defects that affect customer service and the products of Bairstow.
  • Company operations are based on appropriate requirements, regulations, and specifications with the highest regard for customer requirements, quality, and continuous improvement in everything Bairstow does.

From July 18, 2011 to July 20, 2011, members of the Bairstow management met with the certifying body of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to have the scope, purpose, documentation and implementation of our QMS independently reviewed and verified for adherance to the ISO 2001:2008 standards. After a careful and tedious review, Bairstow was recommended for approval!!

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The Bairstow Quality Manual (QM) includes the quality policy and quality management system, both of which are aimed at satisfying internal and external customers through processes that are continually monitored and improved for increasingly higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in performance and output. We understand constant improvement is always necessary to maintain the applicability of any system, and as such, we understand and expect that this policy will be updated and revised on a regular basis to match the needs appropriate to future processes and times. The BLP QM is also a single point of reference for all organizational entities, operations, and practices of the company for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, creating and maintaining effective and efficient processes, and continuous improvement and consistent quality in all business activities of the company.

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Quality consulting and ISO preparation services provided by D.R. Witzel & Associates.

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